Course 1: "Foundations of Warfare" Spiritual Warfare Digital Download - Kingdom SWAT

Course 1: "Foundations of Warfare" Spiritual Warfare Digital Download - Kingdom SWAT

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Weapons of Our Warfare Training
Spiritual Warfare Prayer Training Series

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This course is REQUIRED for anyone enrolling in Kingdom SWAT Academy

This course is a PREREQUISITE for anyone enrolling in Course 2: 

In this 3-hour webinar, you will learn the foundations of spiritual warfare prayer and how to pray with authority to defeat any satanic or demonic attack against your life.

 We will cover:

- The scriptural foundation for warfare prayer

- The WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHY and WHEN of warfare.

- Fundamentals of The TriFold Attack

- Essential protections before entering warfare prayer

- Fundamentals of Power & Authority

- How to activate and use your Kingdom Authority. 

- Questions & Answers

This will be the first in a 5-part series of webinars to cover spiritual warfare.  

Webinars 2-5 will cover: 

- The core activities of warfare prayer

- The principalities and powers that are the chief agents in spiritual warfare

- The categories and types of spiritual weapons. 

- How to identify scriptures to pray

- Understanding the key components of warfare prayer

- How to construct and pray effective warfare prayers.  

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