The Power Coach™ Madeline Alexander is America’s premier rapid results success coach and leading authority on lasting breakthrough experiences.

Madeline is the author of “Your 90-Day Financial Breakthrough – 90 Power Promises and the Weapons of Our Warfare to WIN in Your Finances Now” and the top selling inspirational series, “How to Break Through Barriers and Achieve Power Results; Create Your Power Mindset for Success in 30 Days or Less (Vol 1)” and “Power Mindset II: CHOOSE TO BE A CHAMPION (Vol 2).”
An anointed minister of the gospel, and acclaimed motivational speaker, Madeline’s pioneering, inspiring, and life-changing messages leave congregations strong, courageous, and mission-minded!

Madeline delivers dynamic keynotes, seminars, and signature events for churches, corporations, colleges and universities, youth organizations, and faith-based organizations nationwide. Her no-nonsense, truth-telling style, contagious passion, and powerful energy cut to the core of real issues in the shortest time.

Madeline is the founder of the international “Power Coach™ Financial Network,” dedicated to eliminating the race and gender wealth gaps in America and abroad through business ownership.

Inventor of the revolutionary Power Coaching System™, Madeline specializes in removing the barriers that are stopping you, your church, or your business from taking action and achieving extraordinary results.

Prior to creating the Power Coaching System™, Madeline became certified in four coaching disciplines. She is a Certified Mastermind Executive Coach, Business Success Coach, Certified Life Coach, and Relationship Recovery Coach. Over the last 10 years, she has delivered over 10,000 hours of one-on-one coaching, helping individuals and families worldwide to win big and achieve their dreams.
Before launching her company, Madeline built an outstanding leadership and management career with Fortune 500 companies including Microsoft Corporation, the Boeing Company, and Baxter International, as well as the United States Air Force.

Madeline graduated summa cum laude from the University of Kansas, with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration. She holds a second degree in Church Leadership & Ministry. She is active in world relief efforts through ChildFund and World Vision, sponsoring three children and supporting efforts to stop human trafficking. Madeline resides in Houston, TX.