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Ultimate Breakthrough Power Pack
The complete Breakthrough series for those serious about achieving maximum results and implementing Positive Mental Conditioning.  Recommended for all Conference attendees and those who are implementing the following programs:
--Your 90 Day Financial Breakthrough Blueprint
-- The Total Financial Solution
-- M3 | Massive Money Makeover
-- Black Wealth Matters NOW
-- MAKE YOUR MARK! Group Coaching 

Includes the following books:

-- "Your 90 Day Financial Breakthrough - 90 Power Promises and the Weapons of Our Warfare to WIN in Your Finances NOW"

-- "How to Break Through Barriers and Achieve Power Results; Create Your Power Mindset for Success in 30 Days of Less"

-- "How to Break Through Barriers and Achieve Power Results; POWER MINDSET II - CHOOSE TO BE A CHAMPION"

as well as three of my best-selling 70 min Power Coach Audios ($150 retail value). You save over 30% with the Ultimate Breakthrough Power Pack  - $99 with free priority shipping!  

CD1 - Healthy Frustration and Your This Is It Moment  - Harnessing the Power of Now

CD5 - From Sabotage to Success - Harness the Power of Habits to Transform Your Life
CD6 - The Truth About Barriers  - The Five Big Secrets of Lasting Breakthrough